Gateway Emulator

Integration through Shopping Carts

While most shopping carts are able to integrate into the Allied Payment Gateway, a few of the smaller shopping carts are unable to directly integrate in. As a solution to this problem, our Payment Gateway programming team has created an api emulator that provides seamless integration through the API. We designed a way to allow shopping carts to operate in the same manner as if they were using, but through our network. Now merchants, regardless if their shopping cart integrates directly into Allied Payments or, can utilize our advanced payment gateway.

Web programmers with any questions, concerns or suggestions for the emulator are encouraged to contact our Integration Support Team. We are more than happy to help with any problems or questions that might arise during the integration process.

Shopping Cart Integration

Allied Payment Gateway Support

Having trouble using the emulator to integrate into your shopping cart? Contact one of our Payment Gateway Integration experts for assistance. Call 800-315-5755 or through our contact button below.



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