Mobile Payments

Mobile Payments

The Allied Payment Gateway is not just limited to eCommerce transactions! As business has evolved and the demands of merchants has changed, most payment gateways still focus on providing eCommerce solutions. At Allied Payment Gateway, we have worked to find solutions to streamline business and help merchants focus on growing their business.

Merchants using either an Android or Apple smartphone are able to sync their online payments with the gateway - keeping transactions and receipts in 1 convenient location. Combining the simplicity and functionality of the Allied Payment Gateway with the flexibility of Mobile Payments makes the Allied Payment Gateway a must for merchants working in multiple locations.

The Allied Payment Mobile Payments platform offers:
• Geotag the transaction location with the option to print on the receipt.
• The option to print or e-mail customer receipts.
• Capture digital signatures.
• The option to add a Tip line for businesses accepting gratuity.
• Ability to offer partial or full refunds from the Transaction History reports.
• Process both keyed and swipe transactions from a mobile device with our encrypted Swipe Solution.


Mobile Features

  • Flexibility
  • - For both Android and Apple over WIFI or Cellular.

  • Security
  • - Fully Encrypted with No Additional Fees.

Allied Payment Gateway Mobile Solutions

Merchants with questions or problems with the Allied Payment Gateway Mobile Payment Processing can contact a Mobile Support Team Member at 800-315-5755 or online through our contact button below.


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