PCI Compliance

Complete PCI Compliance

The Allied Payment Gateway provides merchants with secure Payment Card Industry (PCI)Compliant processing services. We continue to work hard to improve security technology and services for our merchants. We also closely follow and maintain the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) to insure that merchants continue to have the most secure environments to send transactions.

The Allied Payment Gateway also has created our own products to help merchants obtain and maintain complete PCI Compliance. If a merchant does not satisfy or maintain the minimum regulations for compliance, they run the risk of losing the ability to process transactions and monetary fines. Many of the turnkey tools offered to merchants will help expedite the compliance process and receive their PCI Compliance certificate. The Allied Payment Gateway also offers merchants the ability to take advantage of our insurance program that with cover up to $50,000 of damages in the event of a security breach of the payment gateway.


PCI Compliance Features

  • Secure
  • - Full Encryption for Complete Security.

  • Insurance
  • - Optional Insurance to cover $50,000 per security breach.

Allied Payment Gateway PCI Compliance

Merchants with questions or problems with the Allied Payment Gateway Mobile Integration can contact a Support Team Member at 800-315-5755 or online through our contact button below.


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