QuickBooks® Integration

QuickBooks® Integration

Are you one of the millions that use QuickBooks® for all your bookkeeping? The Allied Payment Gateway has simplified the process to sync all your online sales with QuickBooks®. Gone are the days of working with an antiquated payment gateway that forces merchants to make double entries for every transactions. The QuickBooks® Integration with the Allied Payment Gateway provides features that not only save time, but eliminate the risk of numerical errors.

With the Allied Payment Gateway QuickBooks® integration, merchants can work directly from the QuickBooks® environment without have to switch programs to complete a task. Merchants have the ability to process a transaction from the gateway, record the entry and mark the transaction as paid all from inside QuickBooks®. With 2 ways to integrate QuickBooks® into the Allied Payment Gateway, merchants have no reason to not take advantage of this simple time saving feature.


QuickBooks Features

  • Functionality
  • - Work Directly within the QuickBooks program.

  • Flexibility
  • - Process Batch Transactions, Generate Invoices, Accept Payments and More.

  • Security
  • - Full Encryption from End to End.

Allied Payment Gateway QuickBooks Integration

Merchants with questions or problems with the Allied Payment Gateway Mobile Integration can contact a Support Team Member at 800-315-5755 or online through our contact button below.


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