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The Allied Payment Gateway is not limited to only eCommerce transactions. For merchants that require reporting and storage of customer records in a card present environment, we designed Swipe. The Swipe Payment Software allows merchants to run their card present transactions through the payment gateway - accessing all the same features that eCommerce merchants have in the Allied Payment Gateway.

The lightweight Swipe program supports the most secure hardware available for point of sale transactions. Merchants using Swipe on their computers will be able to use encrypted card readers that allow for the secure capture of customer signatures. Payments accepted through Swipe will be stored in our secure payment gateway and allow for immediate retrieval of records. Customers will also be given the option to receive receipts with signatures to their email address.


Swipe Payment Software Features

  • Functionality
  • - Store Signatures and Email Receipts in a Paperless Environment.

  • Reliability
  • - Track Customers and Store Data for Easy Access.

  • Security
  • - Encryption from End to End to prevent security breaches.

Allied Payment Gateway Swipe Payments

Merchants with questions or problems with the Allied Payment Gateway Mobile Integration can contact a Support Team Member at 800-315-5755 or online through our contact button below.


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