Transaction Management

Transaction Management for Merchant Accounts

Operating a business with multiple merchant accounts can be complicated task through a payment gateway.  Merchants have to continuously log in and change settings to direct payments from one account into another. Merchants managing their transactions by hand have, at times, a complicated and time consuming task. Missing or making an incorrect change can result in higher fees, held funds or even termination of merchant accounts.

Fortunately with Allied Payments, the need to provide routine maintenance and constant adjustment of settings for multiple merchant accounts does not exist. Our Transaction Management software has been designed to allow merchants with multiple merchant accounts to simplify and automate the management process. Merchants have the ability to manage transactions from total volume down to a specific transaction and send them to a specific merchant account.


Transaction Management Features

  • Automated
  • - Determine how to split up volume and the gateway will maintain those setting.

  • Error Proof
  • - Simple setup allows merchants to easily establish or change a volume setting.

  • Time Saving
  • - View and Edit all merchant accounts in 1 convenient location.

Allied Payment Gateway Transaction Managment

Merchants with questions or problems with the Allied Payment Gateway Transaction Management can contact a Support Team Member at 800-315-5755 or online through our contact button below.


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